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Cracking down on speed


Posted 2:47 pm, 05/02/2016

Robeson (view profile)

Posted 7:16 pm, 05/01/2016

Guitar......no they shouldn't have to pick it up but if they say they will
then maybe it should happen.

It does happen it happens all summer long every spring and summer and has for Years. I've even seen them picking up in the fall and winter on warmer days.

We see them all over the county picking up trash. So if they said they'd pick it up they Are!

When are people going to stop throwing crap out the window and making someone else Clean up their messes! Betting those same litterbugs wouldn't throw it in their yards or their moms yard or on their moms land.If it happened to them they'd be mad sure as heck!

No excuses for throwing Garbage out on the side of the roads. None, none whatsoever! No excuses for hunters leaving garbage in the woods. None! No excuse for fisherman leaving it on the rivers. No excuses for leaving Garbage and piles of Human Crap in the woods on the Blue Ridge Parkway either.

Nobody has any excuse for being a ****ed litterbug.


Posted 7:16 pm, 05/01/2016

Guitar......no they shouldn't have to pick it up but if they say they will

then maybe it should happen.


Posted 6:57 pm, 05/01/2016

98 out of 100 cars run atleast 75 mph on 421


Posted 5:09 pm, 05/01/2016

Dash cams are a wonderful tool, Guitar.. I run one in my truck that records everything in front of the truck as well as in cab audio..


Posted 4:45 pm, 05/01/2016

Inmates shouldn't have to pick up trash! That money used by the State to REMOVE trash could be used on many other More important things. Like education or repairing roads! If people Research how much the State of North Carolina spends each year removing Trash from the side of the ****ed roads maybe they'd realize how much money is thrown down the drain each and every year!

The people Throwing out the trash shouldn't be throwing it out in the first place. They should be the ones picking up their garbage! They're the ones who threw it out!

The HP is out catching speeders and I hope they catch every litter bug in this County!

It hasn't been but a couple of weeks ago inmates were picking up trash along the sides of the road. They did a good job considering the Amount of trash there! Less than 2 days later you couldn't tell they'd even been there because the same Morons had thrown out more trash!

That means all the money spent to Remove TRASH that Shouldn't be there to start with Was WASTED!

Trash on the sides of the road is something that DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN if people would do the right thing and dispose of it properly.

It's just like people who can't read a ****ed Stop sign or read a Speed limit sign because their FACE is stuck in a cell phone while their 2 ton car is hurtling down the road at well beyond the speed limits!
When they kill somebody their excuse is Oh I didn't see them. Pity it wasn't them that was Killed!

Glad to see the HP out and hopefully they're reduce that crap too!

The people who do that crap throw their trash out are so stupid they don't realize that a lot of people have Cameras in their cars that record constantly while the car is in motion. It captures everything in front of it! Motorcyclists use cameras for the same reasons if case of an accident and those record everything in front of them or behind!

SO be warned Litterbugs some camera might be watching and recording! I know several that are always on!


Posted 4:20 pm, 05/01/2016

Try driving the speed limit on 421 from brushy mtn road to 16 north and watch how many cars blow by u doing 15 to 20 miles over the speed limit. Enforcement should be the greatest in the area with the most fatal and serious accidents like the the wal mart funnel thru Wilkesboro. not the open roads. The stretch I am talking about has more accidents than the rest of 421 county line to county line. Wilkesboro obviously don't care as long the cash register's go ca ching. If you see a cop in this area its wpd also known as wal mart security hauling in another shoplifter or working a wreck


Posted 4:09 pm, 05/01/2016

Thx Guitar......the littering is way out of hand. I was glad when the grass started growing this Spring

to cover up all that litter on 67.....Imates were suppose to pick it up but they never made it but one day !

Poor babies......


Posted 9:28 am, 05/01/2016

I saw HP get one yesterday that fully deserved getting pulled on 421. I don't wish any bad luck on anyone but in that particular case they deserved what they were getting.

It's about time they're Enforcing Posted Speed limits and hopefully they'll continue to do it County and State wide.

Maybe that will reduce accidents and Get RID of ore reduce the Ignorant Thieving LITTER BUGS TOO!

The people that Litter the sides of the roads with your filth are as bad as any criminal! That is exactly what you Are! Stealing from Tax Payers!

Good Job HP! Keep it up!


Posted 9:16 am, 05/01/2016


Posted 12:56 pm, 04/30/2016

Guess everyone can't abide by the traffic laws, like I myself do...


Posted 9:37 am, 04/30/2016

You can think you're the king of the road until that lead club lands, then all you can mumble is yes sir occifer sir I will slow down.


Posted 9:16 am, 04/30/2016

Timmy, that's like telling teenagers, don't have premarital sex because they might have an orgasm.


Posted 9:01 am, 04/30/2016

The posted speed limit isn't just a law, it's a **** good idea!!! Slow down idiots, the life you save may be mine......


Posted 6:57 am, 04/30/2016

I recommend a few strikes with a lead club to their heads.


Posted 6:18 am, 04/30/2016

This crackdown has helped but there are still too many drivers habitually exceeding the speed limit on a daily basis.

grey feather

Posted 9:26 pm, 04/29/2016

it's all about compliance goyim


Posted 2:45 pm, 04/21/2016

lesson learned, and included were lessons that the state is doing whatever it can to generate income including ticketing you for speeding a little, slow drivers cause traffic misery and accidents, keep right if you are driving slower than other traffic, if you are a speeder on a two-lane road then just shut up and deal with it if the person in front of you doesn't want to break the speed limit (or just get it over with and pass, hopefully not colliding with oncoming traffic or driving off a cliff).

By the way, you can get one of those dashcams and mount it in the middle of your rearview window... it does miracles at keeping aggressive drivers off your tail. Once they see the camera, they back off because they know the recording can be used against them in court :)

Note from GoNC: a portion of this post was removed for trolling.


Posted 1:18 pm, 04/21/2016

I removed a few posts that were off topic and/or trolling.


Posted 10:44 am, 04/21/2016

That's good More Court cases and the money will flow in


Posted 2:54 am, 04/21/2016

sorry Skull, yes, I do agree if it's just a two land road... then nothing wrong with doing the speed limit no matter what the idiot behind you wants. I was talking about when there is more than one lane and slow drivers stay in the inner lanes.

Note from GoNC: a portion of this post was removed for trolling.

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