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American Violence


Posted 8:28 am, 06/20/2016

Jesus Christ! Are you talking about me?


Posted 2:50 am, 06/20/2016

Confusion reins when an avowed atheist takes the Lord's name in vain.


Posted 12:25 am, 06/20/2016

I've made my disgust of any chain establishment very clear. I avoid them all at all costs.


Posted 12:02 am, 06/20/2016

Jesus Christ. You eat at McDonald's?

Well. That answers that.


Posted 12:01 am, 06/20/2016

Yeah, I bet you could also pick the winners in a taste test between McDonalds and 14 public school cafeteria hamburgers


Posted 12:07 pm, 06/19/2016

Not really, but looks legit.

I still think Sec. Clinton will be the next president.

Called it last year. Man, am I smart.

However, I am still very surprised Drumpf actually won the Gee Oh Pee nomination. Who knew that many racists voted?


Posted 11:56 am, 06/19/2016

Posted 4:23 pm, 05/07/2015
That soft Southern drawl is a plus? I think someone's smitten.

Get a room. And take your sweaty palms with you.

Tell ya what: Let's make a gentleman's bet. I say Sec. Clinton will be the next president; you get the GOP field. Not asking you to pick, 'cuz you're too scared to do that.

Loser has to provide a week's worth of sponge baths to Rush Limbaugh. While talking in a soft Southern drawl. swc Do You Remember This ?


Posted 11:42 am, 06/19/2016

Silliness. Sec. Clinton is a hawk, possibly more so than Drumpf, what with his isolationist ramblings.

Though he does switch platforms in a heartbeat.

Insert appropriate emoji here.

Truth Speaker

Posted 11:37 am, 06/19/2016


Posted 11:32 am, 06/19/2016

Silliness. Sec. Clinton is a hawk, possibly more so than Drumpf, what with his isolationist ramblings.

Though he does switch platforms in a heartbeat.

Truth Speaker

Posted 11:28 am, 06/19/2016


Posted 8:46 am, 06/19/2016

Then it'll be Sen. Sanders. Or Joe Biden. Or maybe the delegates will choose Elizabeth Warren.

Don't you understand? Donald Drumpf will lose to any of a dozen possible candidates.


Posted 12:10 am, 06/19/2016

Hillary won't win. She'll be indicted.


Posted 11:16 pm, 06/18/2016

the funniest thing ever #worst is gonna be when Hillary wins in spite of your posts and propaganda. I remember debating with you and listening to your propaganda during the FIRST Obama election... then the second... and now your constant ignorant rhetoric is in place once again. The results will be the same my friend. Sorry ahead of time.


Posted 10:50 am, 06/18/2016

"The stench from Hillary was unbearable"


Posted 10:47 am, 06/18/2016

I see the conservative illuminati are back to posting right-wing videos again.

This reminds me of someone...

truth speaker

Posted 9:36 am, 06/18/2016

Truth Speaker

Posted 6:36 pm, 06/17/2016


Posted 5:55 pm, 06/17/2016

Muslim Youth League Calls for Massacre at Gay Rights Parade in Istanbul. It is global and it will never stop! They have a popular saying in the Middle East, "The difference between a moderate and an extremist Muslim is, the moderate will hand the extremist the sword to cut off your head and hold your feet."

To the gay ppl: In good conscience, the Christian Right cannot condone your lifestyle or approve of your sin, but we WOULD NOT see you hurt or killed. With Islam, to kill a homosexual is a 'mercy kill'. Christians believe as long as you have life, anyone, there is hope for salvation, and it is God only who brings about such miracles.

Obama, Hillary, and the Left, are not your friends. Black ppl were the Dems 'victims' in the sixties. The Left made blacks the victims and claimed to be their champion. Look at what the left has done for them and you can easily ascertain that they are not your friends and they certainly not going to protect you from their Muslim brothers.

Mr Truth

Posted 5:43 pm, 06/17/2016

Liberals are now faced with a dilemma in regard to the event in Orlando. Here we have a member of one liberal protected group, Muslims, who just killed members of another liberal protected group, gays. And it wasn't just one or two. Fifty killed and 53 wounded as of last count. Given the number of Islamic radicals known to exist in this world, gays have good reason to be worried.
This isn't supposed to happen. Both groups are misunderstood and oppressed minorities, deserving of rights and protections beyond those allowed to other Americans. What's a liberal to do?

It's obvious. There's only one possible answer: Change the subject. Christians did it before Show examples that make them look bad Gun control. Get rid of all the guns, Anything to take the pressure off the protected group and the problem will go away. Ignore the fact that the murders were committed by a muslim by all reports that was gay also . Ignore the fact that Islamic radicals want to kill not just gays, but anyone who disagrees with them, including other Muslims who don't toe their radical line. The most important thing is to use the crisis to advance another liberal agenda.

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