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10 dead in Oregon community college shooting
When will this madness end?

Official Super Bowl 50 Thread
Because we need one. And because, while the Panthers are my "B" team, I was still at BoA Sunday, and it was still scary when th...

Wal-Mart to stop selling AR-15s and similar weapons
http://bigstory.ap.org/arti...ar-weapons NEW YORK (AP) Wal-Mart says it will stop selling the AR-15 and other semi-automatic weapons at...

do most people think like me?
All these polarizing posts and headlines are depressing. I have opinions that aren't one side or the other. Do most people think like tha...

Job openings at 14-year high: 5.1 million jobs, the most since January 2001.
http://thehill.com/policy/f...-year-high Job openings blazed to a 14-year high in February, a signal that businesses might pick up the hi...

Done with Bear Grylls
If Bear Grylls is really taping an episode of Running Wild with Abamy in Alaska to help promote the climate change agenda....done with hi...

Ashley Madison
I keep reading about a list of movie stars and famous people who had accounts on this site, but I can't find the list. What stars are on it?

Two US TV journalists shot dead on air
http://www.bbc.com/news/wor...a-34062118 hideous

Convention of the states update.
More good news for the Convention. It's moving along in Missouri and Louisiana. http://www.conventionofstat...ate_passes

Trump loses debate
According to Fox News. And all you sniffers that watch Fox always swear they are right ROTFLMAO http://www.foxnews.com/opin...iumph.html ...

Confederate license plate.
Governor McCrory wants to do away with confederate license plates. Now that's not fair. The funds from the annual renewal of those plates...

Yay! Justice prevails. Equal rights to same sex couples upheld by Supreme Court!

WXII poll says keep the flag up in S.C.
Should the Confederate flag be removed from the state capitol grounds in Columbia, South Carolina? Yes 38% No 62% http://www.wxii12.com/

Is the Confederate Battle Flag Innately Racist?
Here's my take. Personally, I do not display the confederate flag; primarily because I know it is controversial. But is it racist? I beli...

Charleston SC Shooting A False Flag Shooting To Take The Guns
The SC SHOOTING is going to be used to take the guns. King Obama thinks hes going to take the guns, he is going to do whatever it take. U...

Do you lift?
And if so do you use Whey protein, Soy, or Hemp?

Soldiers pay for food
I have a friend who is in the Army and the last 2 weeks she went away for her 2 week training. She just got back an told her mother and f...

Refuse to Issue Marriage License by Magistrate
for those who are hired as Magistrate and refuse to issue license based on Religious Beliefs need to resign...we as taxpayers need those ...

A young man is wandering, lost, in a forest when he comes upon a small house. Knocking on the door he is greeted by an ancient Chinese ma...

A transgender teen is suing his school for its wrong-side-of-history bathroom rules.
http://happyplace.someecard...-bathroom/ Virginia student Gavin Grimm isn't allowed to use the men's bathroom at his school. He informed ...


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